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【Hobben】Golden Silence

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Willard Hobbes is ANGRY with Ben now, he hasn't spitted any word out since last week. Can you imagine this man- Hobbes remains silent whatever his lover said or did to him? I mean, it's like seeing a dinosaur on the street. 

Hobbes does most of the talking... and the fu*king between Ben and him. So when he chose to start a cold war, the house sank into a creepy silence. Although Ben can't figure out why his handsome partner was so cross, he still can sense that HE must did something that pissed him off - he did it all the time actually. 

Ben's initial plan was to let the cold war last, until Hobbes surrenders and starts to talk first, though it will make them looks like a pair of ridiculous school boys. But he ignored a vital thing when making the plan - he has a sightly strong lust than the real school boys.


It's nine'o clock in the evening, Ben walked out of the bathroom with robe, calling Hobbes, hair still dripping water. 

No response. The man is sitting on the sofa beside the bed, eyes semi-closed, act as if he didn't hear his partner.

“Willard Hobbes, ” Ben raises his voice, “will you do me or not.”

Hobbes's eyelids shakes a bit, but still no reply.

“Well,” Ben unties his robe, climbs onto the bed, with a strange joy in his voice, “it's now or never, Willard.”


“I'll take that as  a 'never'.” Ben shrugs, he grins and then take off the underwear.


Hobbes raises his eyebrows and staring at Ben. There is an obvious desire in his green eyes, Ben could easily tell coz it's growing darker. But he doesn't move, the man just sits there, still like a perfect Greek statue, only with his clothes on.

“Well, since you won't talk, then I will.” Ben said, "and I will grin and groan and moan, and I will touch myself, rub my neck and chest and thigh, and I will stoke my penis... Oh you prefer the word 'cock'. Well, I will stoke my cock, gently then roughly, feel it getting harder and harder...”

Ben mentioned all the places Hobbes likes the most of him, and did exactly as what he said. His face flushed with excitement, doing masturbation right in front of his lover was new, and fun to be honest.

Hobbes squeezes the sofa's handrail, he is breathing heavily now. But comparing doing Benjamin now, he is more interested in what his little Ben will do next.

“There's a lube on your left drawer, pass it to me,” Ben's hand moves to his back, "no? I guess I've got to do it myself.”

And Ben climbs to the edge, knees on the bed, stretching his arm to fetch the lube. This made his waist went down and butt went up in the air, and yet he knows nothing about it.

Hobbes used up all his sense to make himself not to stab his cock right into Ben's back hole. This is too much, but obviously the pornographic show hasn't come to the end.

“It's really heartbreaking... Hobbes, to do lubricating myself while I have... have an ACTUAL partner. I should have bought a vibrator if I knew there's a day like this.”

“But no vibrator could compare to yours, huh?”

Hobbes nodded slightly, he knows that he's gonna lose the cold war, in about... two minutes.

Ben turned, buried his head into the pillow, hip upward so that Hobbes could see clearly when he put his fingers into himself.

“Oh god, where's my G spot, love?” Ben's voice was shaking, along with his hands, ”I can't find it... shit.”

When the second finger goes in, the lube was already all over the butt and the whole hand. Ben stirring his hole without skills, groaning as if he feels rather aggrieved.


All of a sudden, Ben stopped, turned his head towards the man on the sofa: “Willard, please.”

His eyes were filled with tears when saying this, but nothing to do with sadness.

“Fu*k.” Hobbes cursed with a row and guttural voice, grabbed Ben's wrist in a second, legs across hips and lips onto nipples.

“After a week of silence, and your first word to... to me is FU*K? OH!” Ben teases between gasps, and then let out a short scream, ”Do not bite me! Are you a dog or something?”

“Something,” Hobbes used his fingers and easily found the G spot, caused another groan, “a beast, and you should have known that already.”

Nothing is unsolvable with one perfect sex between them, if not, make it two, or three... or forever.



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